The Holy Rosary is a gift, a tool, and a weapon. It is a gift from the Most Holy Trinity to draw close to Jesus Christ through devotion to Our Blessed Mother. In the Holy Rosary we are invited to unite our hearts and voices in prayer with Our Lady, so that we may come to understand the mysteries surrounding the life, death, and Glory of Jesus. It is through meditation upon these events, especially His Passion, that we begin to recognize Godís presence in our lives and His immeasurable love for us. As we spend time in the company of Mary and Jesus, we begin to develop their loving habits and nature by becoming formed in likeness to their virtues. This blessed gift brings us harmony with the Divine Will, which leaves us with the peace and joy of God through both the good and difficult times in our lives. 

The Most Holy Rosary is a tool that teaches us how to communicate on a deeper level with the Divinity that dwells within us and around us in others. Through this prayer tool, we learn to listen quietly, to understand beyond the surface level, and to respond always with love from our hearts. 

The Most Holy Rosary is a weapon to defeat evil. Through His life, death, and Resurrection, Jesus conquered the power of darkness and offers us the opportunity to be set free from the enslavement of sin through faith in Him. The means that Almighty God chose to crush the head of the devil was the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ. We are called to employ the same means to defeat the enemy who wages war against our souls. By uniting our prayers with the intercession of Our Blessed Mother and meditating on the Mysteries of the Rosary, especially the Passion in the Sorrowful Mysteries, we are able to draw down mercy and grace to become formed in the likeness of Christ and overcome the darkness of this world. 

The beauty of the Most Holy Rosary and devotion to the Passion of Our Lord is that all are invited to grow in the likeness of Christ through this simple means. Our Blessed Mother pleads with all of her children to draw into an intimate relationship with her Son by joining her in prayer. This includes the young, the elderly, the homebound, the sick, the uneducated, the scholars, the athletes, the professionals, the manual laborers, the housewives, the religious, the secular, and all of Godís children. No one is excluded from this invitation to have peace and healing in their lives, and to walk this path of the great Saints to holiness and eternal life through loving union with Jesus and Mary.

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