Our Blessed Virgin Mary asked us in an apparition in Fatima, Portugal in 1917 to always remember to pray for the Pope and for Peace when praying the Most Holy Rosary.  

The Intentions Of The Holy Father

We pray for the Holy Father, our Pope, who perhaps bears the heaviest burden of us all as he bears the responsibility of shepherding the entire Church of Christ.  We pray that he be filled with all the gifts of the Holy Spirit, so that inspired by the Wisdom of God he may guide the Holy Church in the paths of Justice, Peace, Truth, and Love.  We pray that his heart be blessed with courage and fortitude as he strives to carry out the Divine Will against those forces of evil that oppose him.  We also pray for the protection of the Holy Spirit to descend upon all of the holy bishops, priests and religious that they may always support and defend the Pope, the Holy Catholic Church and the Magesterium.  In a special way we lift up the intentions of the Holy Father.

We pray to the Lord, Lord here our prayer.

A Prayer For Peace

For centuries, the Holy Rosary has been a successful means to bring about peace in war torn countries, and even within families and troubled homes.  The effectiveness lies within the contemplation of Christ, and drawing close to the One Who is the Prince of Peace.  When we pray the Rosary often we are blessed with the interior peace which can only come from communication with the Divine.  By encountering the living Christ we become shaped in His likeness, which empowers us with the necessary graces to bring peace and healing to others through forgiveness.  As we imitate His love amongst our families and friends, in our churches, schools and work places we begin to renew His spirit of peace in these places.  Eventually this has the potential to restore the face of the earth, that all may come to live in the peace and harmony that belongs to the Kingdom of Heaven.  It all begins one heart at a time, joining Our Mother Mary, Queen of Peace, and her Son, the Prince of Peace in the devotion of the Most Holy Rosary.

We pray for the peace of the Holy Spirit to come and renew the face of the earth.  We pray for peace within the deepest recesses of our hearts that emanates into the lives of our families, friends, churches, schools, workplaces, government and country.  In a special way we pray for peace within the Holy Land and in those countries where there is war.  

We pray to the Lord, Lord here our prayer.

A Prayer For The Family

In an era where the structure of family life has been damaged by the selfish desires of a material oriented society, a great need arises for healing and peace within our homes.  Many difficulties arise in communication as family members spend less and less time with each other because work, television, internet and other outside concerns preoccupy them.  To practice devotion to the Holy Rosary together as a family counters this problem as it returns the focus of our daily life upon the love which flows from our Heavenly family. Harmony in the family life is created as we become filled with the peace and love of Christ.  As we draw down the graces and blessings of God upon our homes, patience with each other increases, wounds are healed through forgiveness and we are able to communicate with one another in a more loving manner. As the core of society, strong values and harmony in the family structure offers a solid foundation for hope and peace to a broken world.

We pray for the presence of the Holy Spirit to fill the lives of our families.  We pray to bring healing to all marriages and to strengthen the bonds of love between parents and children, brothers and sisters, and whatever relationships are in most need of forgiveness and peace. 

We pray to the Lord, Lord here our prayer.

Uniting Heaven and Earth

It gives Our Blessed Mother great joy to bring Saints to her Son as the fruits born from the suffering and sacrifice of His Passion.  This is achieved as sinners become saved on earth, and holy souls are released from Purgatory to receive their crown and everlasting beatification in Heaven.  We are called to play an integral role in this process through our prayers for the conversion of sinners, the reparation of hearts, and the release of the holy souls from Purgatory.  The Holy Rosary becomes a powerful means of intercession for Mary to accomplish this mission, as all of her children come together to share in her prayers and petitions.

Recalling the Precious Blood and Sacred Wounds of Our Lord Jesus, we pray for the release of as many holy souls from Purgatory as the Mercy of God may permit this day.  We pray especially for our deceased family and friends, and for those suffering souls who have no one to pray for them.  

We pray to the Lord, Lord here our prayer.

Personal Intentions

In the Most Holy Rosary we entrust ourselves entirely to the Blessed Virgin Mary.  It is within her Immaculate Heart that she tenderly bears all of our deepest desires, our sorrows, cares and concerns.  As we unite our hearts and voices with hers in prayer through the Rosary, she brings all of our needs to her Son and intercedes on our behalf before the throne of the Father.  Therefore, we should not feel an urgency to voice many personal intentions in this devotion.  Above all, we are to honor Our Blessed Mother by offering the prayer of our Rosary for her intentions.  As we do this, we trust that our most perfect and loving Mother always remembers all of our personal needs.  When we exchange our burdens and suffering for the merciful prayers of Our Mother, we begin to experience the promise of freedom and peace offered to us by Jesus.  This peace is a sure sign of the Reign of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus within us, which helps us to glorify our Father by becoming one with His Divine Will.

Above all, we pray for the intentions of Our Blessed Mother.  In a special way we now pause to unite those intentions which weigh heaviest on our hearts, with those of Our Blessed Motherís. 

We pray to the Lord, Lord here our prayer.

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